ATEX was established in 1986 as a total convention management company handling industrial trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences. Since then, from planning to management to follow-up, its many satisfactory results have consistently been seen in industrial circles.
Japan, now greeting the 21st-century, is standing at a crossroads of economic revitalization and a return to high-tech and technical manufacturing superpower status. The globalization of politics and economy should be considered a big factor in encouraging the internationalization of domestic industries.
It is thought that for every company that must participate in the necessarily competitive international economic environment, the importance of cost effectiveness will only increase in the future.
On one hand, the explosive spread of the Internet has had a big influence on corporate activity. The speed of daily business without doubt but moreover corporate culture, has accomplished this rapid change. Of course, the days without the communication tools of e-mail and the Web must already be considered a thing of the past.
However, actual business opportunities are not concluded on the virtual stage. We believe that fostering confidence comes from the exchange of clear information through human conversation and by touching the product.
Actual impression is obtained by being in and experiencing a situation oneself. We believe that business media should be created not simply to be handed out, but to be taken part in.
Thus far, ATEX has held conventions of the highest quality, meeting the requirements of any situation and market. We are always on the lookout for new methods of communication derived from these media. We hope to continue our contribution to the development of industry, to your company, and to the promotion of local communities.

Akira Takeshige
President and CEO