We do both foreign and domestic marketing research, continuously observing the movement of each industrial sector and efficiently draw up plans with our vast experience and original know-how.
In order to achieve success, we build a cooperative network that allows us to support requests of organizations, companies and government organizations, both foreign and domestic.
We handle a series of convention budget management details, from financial resources and fee set-up, organization of cost/expense budgeting to general accounting, cost management and settlement of accounts.
We develop interactive detailed public relations and advertising initiatives such as press releases, conferences, information sessions and more to attract exhibitors and maximize attendance, in addition to activity in various media to advertise an event's concepts, purposes, and effects.
We produce tools that have strong identifying effects, from visualization of convention concepts, to brochures and Web sites.
In order for the convention itself to succeed, we put information exchange into practice, holding activities that place importance on communication with prospective companies to the exhibition, both foreign and domestic.
In order to attract specific vistors, we produce attendance-maximizing direct mail, targeted advertising to various media, plan topical events, and more, based on extensive market research and by grasping the needs of exhibitors.
In order to handle convention administration effectively and at reasonable prices, we handle all aspects of any related businesses so that the workflow can continue smoothly and precisely.
In order to hold conventions smoothly, we carry out a precise series of liaison works and procedures, maintaining close cooperation with government, municipal offices and related organizations.
We strive to provide functional and hospitable exhibition halls, interior facilities, staff arrangement, and decoration. Moreover, we consider all possible measures to ensure that we can respond quickly to any situation.
Using useful information from the latest technology and market trends, we employ a seminar/conference, theme corner-type style. We offer innovative and timely programs that we have gleaned from the opinions of society and specialists.
After holding an event, we naturally submit detailed result reports, and gladly conduct hearing investigations for the purposes of further development.