Even during an age when information technology represented by the Internet is praised, people still need communication that speaks to the heart. Interactivity really does exists in cyberspace, doesn't it? Looking calmly at marketing, we always wonder what the people who gather there, with their various expectations, consider necessary.
Ages repeat "creation" and "selection," and only the necessary things remain. It is the "culture" that is born from and sparked by communication with people that lasts forever. We believe that the "convention" ATEX advocates means turning the actual needs of all industry into complex media and supporting the realization of unlimited growth potential.
Our job is to turn as many needs as there are participants into even more specialized forms of media. To respond to these various needs, we hope to help participants advance to new markets by making the most of manual skills and knowledge, not by depending exclusively on technology.
To what extent can we make effective information easy to understand, not only unique and interactive? How can we find that place where only useful information can be extracted from the overwhelming amount of information in the applicable market, which is, for many participants these days, an unknown world?
We aim to create conventions that have exactly these identities.